Covid-19 lockdown and your small business. Tips for Instagram Stories

April 22, 2020

It’s no secret that Stories are a big deal on Instagram… over 500 million people use Insta stories daily!

Stories enable you to create a feed of content that will disappear within 24 hours of being posted, and content can either be static photos or video, including Boomerang videos.  If you want to make sure you always have stories visible to your audience, you should try and post at the same time each day.

As they are a sort of secondary feed of content and you can add creative touches such as unique captions and overlays to make them totally different from traditional posts. You can also be more creative with your content to educate, inform and engage with your audience. This can help attract more customers and drive traffic back to your website!

Types of Instagram Stories to try

The creative possibilities and sequential style of the stories format make it perfect for a variety of campaigns for businesses. We’ve compiled some popular types of Stories which would suit brands of all shapes and sizes.

Behind-the-Scenes Stories

Many brands create Stories that are sort of off-the-cuff, allowing them to take their followers along for the ride. In fact, part of the beauty of Instagram Stories is that they don’t have to be big, polished productions. For brands who want to go for a more relaxed behind-the-scenes look without taking up any valuable real estate on their feed, stories are perfect!


Using stickers such as the questions or polls stickers to start conversations with your followers will grab attention and is a fun tool to grow your engagement. Use the location sticker to geotag your location and share your content. Don’t forget to add hashtag stickers to help grow your followers.

How-To’s and Tutorials

Stories are perfect for step-by-step, how-to style content due to their sequential format. Bite-sized educational content is an engaging alternative to traditional video or blog posts and is perfect for everything from recipes to beauty tutorials and beyond.

Going live on Stories

Live allows you to easily connect with your community in real time, which is perfect right now when lockdown means a lot of people are online and scrolling social media. Use live to maintain this direct line to your audience and feel closer to the world – and people – around you.

Five ideas for going live

  • Host a Q&A
  • Go live with someone in your audience and interview them
  • Showcase and explain your products or services
  • Teach your audience how to do something
  • Create a live series

Offers, Deals and Promos

Just as you’d promote an offer via Instagram, you can do the same via Stories. Perfect for ecommerce and brick-and-mortar stores alike, Stories can be used for limited-time deals or simply to highlight a current sale.

Special Announcements

Announcements that keep your followers guessing through every step of your Story represents one of the most creative ways to use the format.

Apps For Creating Gorgeous Instagram Stories

If you want to stop your followers from swiping past your Stories, you’ll need to make sure to catch their attention. New apps for Insta stories are popping up every day, which means stories are getting more and more creative, interactive, and engaging!

Luckily, it’s now easier than ever to create high quality Instagram stories content – you just need to step outside of the Instagram app for some extra help! Instagram Stories apps can help you create high-quality, cohesive stories that will keep your audience coming back for more!

While there’s thousands to choose from, we have compiled our list three top apps for Instagram Stories:

  1. Unfold
  2. Canva 
  3. StoryLuxe

Each of these apps is packed with a wide variety of easy to use dynamic story templates, and will lift your story game to fit your Instagram aesthetic.

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