7 stellar Instagram content ideas (part 1):

October 2, 2020

Do you want to inject new life into your Instagram content, or are you just starting an Instagram for your business? Here are 7 sure-fire ways to engage with your followers and gain new ones! 

1. User-generated content

This is a fantastic method to source images that engage with your followers without having to put in much extra effort in on your part. A great idea to find user-generated content is to create a hashtag for your brand. This enables people to promote your product to their followers. This content can also be used to promote your Instagram, as well as theirs. It’s a win-win! Just remember to tag the photos that you use with the person’s Instagram handle. 

2. Run a contest or giveaway 

A sure-fire way to get people buzzing about your product is to offer a contest or giveaway. I mean who says no to free things? 

As well as this being a win for the contest winner, this is also a win for the company. As shown from data on Tailwind, Instagram contests traditionally get 3.5 times as many likes and 64 times more comments than regular posts. Also, accounts that run these contests regularly, on average, grow 70% faster than ones that don’t.

To do this, you will need to post a photo (and a list of the winnings). You must also create a clear set of guidelines and rules to enter the contest. These could include following the brand (or brands), liking the photo, and tagging your friends, etc. 

3. Contact influencers

An easy and simple way to create more quality content for your feed is to find an influencer that will suit your brand. Then you can send them free products in exchange for a few pictures of them enjoying the product (and maybe some feedback). Just make sure you are 100% transparent with the influencer and also your followers that these products were gifted.

4. Share your good news!

Whether your company won a competition, was written about (positively) online, or is making waves in your field, share your news with your supporters! This shows people that you’re a trustworthy and reliable company, and it can help bring in new customers. 

5. Success with stories 

These are a fun and interactive way of getting engagement from your followers. They can also be a great way of announcing new products, showing behind the scenes of your company, and just reminding people you exist. Canva is a great place to make these stories (they have templates), or you could make stories on the Instagram site or share other people’s stories about your product. 

6. Share stock photos

If you often find yourself struggling to find content for your Instagram, then a great place to begin your search is on websites with photos that can be used for free commercially, such as Unsplash and Pixabay. These sites have an amazing gallery of different images to suit any company. 

7. Blog posts 

If your company is big on blogging, then a great way to revert Instagram users to your website is to take a little piece from your latest blog plus a related photo, and share a direct link to your blog (like we do here at Shoot and Swoon). Now you’re hitting two birds with one stone!

There you go, now you have 7 ways ideas to up your Instagram content engage with new followers, and pick up some new followers too! 

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