7 stellar Instagram content ideas (part 2):

October 9, 2020
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Following on from our last article, here are 7 more ideas to create quality Instagram content and engage with followers old and new. 

So let’s get stuck in, shall we?

1. Team introductions 

If you’re a small business, then an adorable way to create a more approachable and real brand image is to introduce your followers to every member of your team. All you need is to snap a quality photo of each member of your team. Then accompany every image with a little bio on each member, including their role in the company, and what they love about their job. If you have an office pet (or 3) then these fuzzballs could also make for engaging posts. I mean Instagram is practically built on dogs and cat pics! 

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2. Branding images 

Create a cohesive and memorable aesthetic that really fits your brand by working with a product photographer. This photographer will create amazing snaps that visually entice followers to buy your products. On the other hand, if you’re snap-happy, have a go at creating your own branding images using the brand colours, props, and fun backdrops. 

3. Behind the scenes

Similar to introductions, behind the scenes snaps and videos of your workplace really humanize your company and show your followers how hard your employees work, and how hard you play. Some great ideas are to post an office tour, the process of making the product, some workplace shenanigans, or the office culture eg. Zumba Wednesdays.

4. Lean into seasonality 

Everyone loves Halloween, Easter, and Christmas. And if you don’t, then you may just be the Grinch! Create content specifically for these holidays, and also more obscure international days that fit into your brand, such as International Day of Happiness. You can also use seasonal hashtags, memes, and create seasonal products.

5. Sneak peeks 

Got a new product coming up? Drum up some engagement by creating an Instagram story, live video, or obscure Instagram post. A great idea is to post part of your new product, or a clue and then give a date when all will be revealed. Create some suspense!

6. Quality quotes

Everyone loves an inspirational quote or funny saying quote now and then. Make sure these quotes loosely relate to your business and follow a similar theme/colour scheme, otherwise your Instagram may start to get messy. As I stated in the first blog, Canva is a fantastic place to create your Instagram posts and stories (and no, this post was not sponsored by Canva.)

7. Exclusive offers

Make your followers feel special by offering them exclusive deals or letting them know when a sale begins. This creates an incentive for them to shop with your company and it will also build some brand loyalty.

So there you have it, another 7 ideas to foster a visually beautiful and engaging feed. Just remember that these are only a few ideas, but there are many more ideas to make your Instagram content stand out from your competitors. And the most important thing to keep followers engaged and grow your Instagram is to post quality content regularly!

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