A guide to Instagram story apps

March 26, 2021

If you want to add a bit more pizazz to your Instagram stories, then a great idea is to download an Instagram story app such as Unfold or Canva. These apps have a lot of fantastic presets, gorgeous graphics, and fantastic typography to choose from, which make it quick and easy to create gorgeous Instagram visuals.

In this article, I will go over some of my favourite Instagram story apps to use. So let’s begin with…


Unfold is a very easy app to use. It has a lot of beautiful layouts that you can easily add your favourite images to. You can also add text, add  background or font colours (from a small selection), and GIFS. However, there is a much larger selection of possible layouts to choose from if you buy the paid version.


Canva is my all-time favourite graphic design app. It has lots of preset image sizes (Instagram stories, posts, and posters), and it has lots of pictures, typography, and graphics you can choose from. I also like the fact that you can pick an exact colour you want from their colour wheel (as opposed to some apps which only have a few colours to select from). However, Canva doesn’t have Instagram story layouts to choose from, so it does require more time to create any Instagram stories, but you can personalise your stories more to suit your needs. 

If you pay for Premium Canva, you can also have access to more graphics, typography, and it has more space for creating designs.


This app, like its name, is a fantastic story-making app, which has hundreds of moving-image templates and picture templates.

As well as the templates, there are also lots of design elements that you can add to your stories including fonts, filters, and themes. However, this app does have apps (which most people would find annoying).


This Instagram story/post-making app has lots of fantastic free Instagram story layouts sprinkled among templates you have to pay for.

The benefits I’ve found in this app are that the templates are super customisable, you can choose from lots of amazing text options, and you can pick any colour of the rainbow for your text.

There are also a lot more layouts if you get the paid version.


This app has loads of free original Instagram story templates. However, some of them do have a CutStory watermark on them.

So there you have it, some of my favourite Instagram story apps to use. Trust me, a beautifully-designed Instagram story goes a long way when it comes to marketing your business and getting more engagement/followers!

And with these simple Instagram template apps, it will only take you a few minutes to create a gorgeous Instagram story to download and upload to your Instagram!