In a world of beautiful Instagram pages, how can you make yours stand out? As Instagram is primarily a visual medium, your Instagram layout is the answer. So let’s go over some different options to create your visual masterpiece.

1. Block colours 

A simple but effective way of creating a uniform Instagram layout is to use your brand colours in sections. For example, you can create a really uniform look when you use one main brand colour for 9-12 of your tiles and then switch it up. You can also use other brand colours within this set-up, but you should stick with one predominant colour for each set of tiles. 

2. Use the same filter in your layout

An easy way of creating a similar look within your Instagram feed is to use similar colours and 1 filter for all of your photos. 

3. Diagonal designs

Amanda, the Creative Director of Hooray House, has come up with a very simple but effective way of making your Instagram feed attractive by following a pattern. Her idea is to post similar photos down the diagonal of your grid. For example, you can have photos all in 1 colour down the diagonal of your grid, or you could have photos all in one theme (eg. food, pictures of you, or quotes)

4. Alternating tiles 

One of the simplest ways to create a cohesive look within your Instagram layout is to alternate 2 types of posts. For example, you could switch between posts of your product and quotes. This also means your followers will know what you’re going to post next, which will create a sense of familiarity with your Instagram.

5. Three of a kind layout

Create a story of one moment or one person by posting three photos with a similar theme next to each other. This creates different blocks of images and makes for a cohesive look. For example, these could be 3 photos of the same product, 3 photos of the same person, 3 photos at the same location, or 3 quotes/designs in a row. 

6. Consistent colour combos

Bring out the colours of your brand by only (or mostly) posting in these colours. Every single square should be predominantly in your brand colours. This method may take a bit more time/thought because you will have to make sure every photo is in the same colour scheme. But boy, it looks beautiful! 

7. Borders in your layout

Break up your feed by adding extra space on the edges of each image. This creates some breathing room between each tile and makes your feed seem less cluttered. 

8. Break out of the box

Break out of the mold by using 1 image over multiple squares. This works especially well for product launches as you see each little piece of the puzzle, and once you come onto the home page, you see the bigger picture. But don’t worry if you’re not a Photoshop whizz, PhotoSplit For Instagram has you covered. 

So there you have it, 8 ways to enhance your Instagram layout and stand out above the rest. I would definitely also recommend a scheduling app such as Later or Unum so you can lay your photos out in the grid and pre-set them. It just makes it so much easier to plan and execute your feed.