Creating a campaign using Instagram stories

November 6, 2020

Whether you’re launching a new product, driving awareness about a sale or event, or want more engagement with your brand, Instagram story campaigns are an incredible platform to market your company. 

According to Instagram: “500 million+ accounts use Instagram Stories every day.” And this is a platform that has room to grow! 

So how can you make your Instagram campaign stand out amongst a sea of Instagram stories? 

Goal of the campaign

Firstly a great strategy is to work out what you want to accomplish with your campaign. For example, do you want to sell more of a particular product, grab emails, or just let people know you exist? It’s good to be very specific with your objective and hone down on what you want to achieve. This means that you can be very clear with your messaging, and you will be able to track how well you have accomplished your target. The easier it is to measure your KPI’s the better! 

Target audience

Following this, you should work out who is your target audience. Are they crafty mums, home bakers, or fashion trendsetters? Your audience can be as narrow or as broad as you want. Then get in the mindset of this audience and think about what content this audience enjoys, what communities they are part of, whether they like still images or moving images, and what other story features would be attractive to them?

Timeline for the campaign

Once you’ve figured out what you want to accomplish with your campaign and who you want to target, you should work out a timeline for this campaign. This all depends on what you want to achieve with your campaign. If it’s to drive brand awareness, you may want a longer on-going campaign, whereas if you are launching a new product, you may want a week lead-in. Just keep in mind that a longer campaign may not work as well as a short-term campaign. 

The look of the campaign

Now you’ve set your timeline, let’s move onto the artsy part, the look of your campaign! This is especially important as Instagram is a visual medium. You need to make sure you tie in your key messaging and drive your campaign back to measurable objectives as much as possible. As well as this, you should also decide what colours and images to use, and what layout is best for your campaign. Make sure to stick with your brand colours and fonts if you have them (Canva is a fantastic place to design stories) or work out some key design elements (if you don’t have any) so you can have a cohesive campaign. You should also create some key messaging and work out some Instagram story features to use during this campaign.


Once you’ve worked out the look of your campaign, you should storyboard how you want it to look. Should you have step-by-step stories of how to use your product? Or will you have 3 images that follow one narrative? When you’ve decided on the storyline, you can now create your visual masterpiece on the Instagram app or software like Canva, and add all visual elements and messaging. Now you’re all ready to schedule your campaign or just post it directly to Instagram! You may also want to have a plan around promoting your campaign using influencers, hashtags, and other tactics.

So now you know how to create your own Instagram campaign, what are you waiting for? Get out there and plan your own. Just be aware that the most important thing is to be able to measure your success using Instagram analytics so you know how to improve your next campaign!