Why your business needs to be on Instagram

November 20, 2020

You may be wondering whether all the time and effort involved in creating and posting on Instagram is really worth it? I have a 3 letter word for you, yes. 

To find out how Instagram can open you up a new customer-base and much much more, read on.

1. Find new customers

According to Ad Expresso, Instagram has around 500 million daily users, so this is 500 million more people that could potentially stumble across your site and buy your product! Also, potential customers may want to try to find you on Instagram to see your products, so if you are hard to find on social media they may just end up buying from your Instagram-savvy competitor.

2. Compete with your competitors

You know what they say if you can’t beat em, join em! This rings true with Instagram. Your competitors are bound to be on this platform, so in order to compete with them, you will have to make your business as searchable and attractive to an online audience as possible. This includes consistent and quality posts on Instagram and Facebook!

3. Tell your story

Instagram is a visual medium, so what better way to create an honest and genuine connection to your customers than sharing the story and values behind your business. You can also put a face to your brand, show potential employees why they should work for you, and show customers that you are an open, transparent, and honest business. Posts, stories, and live events are great for this very reason.

4. Boost your sales

Did you know that you can direct people to your products (and your website) from Instagram? This makes buying products easy and means there’s one less barrier stopping the cash-flow. Ka-ching!

5. Networking!

Instagram opens up a world of possibilities in terms of networking. You can find new people to collaborate with your company, new people to work for your company, and even influencers to market your company. It’s never been easier to reach out to strangers and form a personal connection!

6. Saving your reputation

In the unfortunate event that your business gets some bad press or a scorching online article, it is really effective to have Instagram and Facebook pages with your business name. This is because, as well as your website, these pages usually show up first on search engine results and can hide the negative information. Win!

7. Get positive feedback

Getting positive feedback from customers has never been easier than with Instagram. People can tag you directly in posts and stories, and even direct message you. You can also use these posts and stories to market your business. Free advertising? Yes, please!

8. Stay on top of Instagram trends

Instagram is a totally different world to other social media sites and there are always new things trending. You can capitalise on these by incorporating these trends into your products because you already know these trends are hugely successful.

So there you have it! 8 reasons why you should use Instagram for your business (big or small). Now I’ll let you get back to downloading the app!

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